Friday, September 28, 2007

How to Buy Vintage: Infuse Your Wardrobe With Blasts From The Past!

Styling Tips:

1. To make the right kind of fashion statement, limit your vintage pieces to ONE per outfit. Use your vintage pieces to add flair to more contemporary clothing staples like a pair of black pants, a simple top, or a flattering dress.

2. Use your jeans! A flat front, lower rise, boot-cut jean goes with everything, including any of your fabulous vintage finds.

3. Avoid overdoing it with accessories. Keep it simple and let your vintage pieces be the focus of your outfit.

What to buy

Locating those great vintage pieces that are going to blend beautifully into your current wardrobe, takes a lot of time and patience. You may have to visit several stores before you find that perfect piece. Keep your eyes open for some key items:

1. Romantic, feminine looking blouses in sheer fabrics, and ruffle or lace details.

2. Silky camisole-style tops in a colors that flatter your skin tone.

3. Jackets and coats with simple cuts and solid colors like grey, black, navy, and camel. Single breasted styles flatter most figures; look out for interesting details like ornate buttons.

4. Classic cardigan sweaters can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe as interesting toppers for dresses, tanks, and camisoles. Look for great vintage patterns and buttons.

5. Anything with embroidery is worth checking out.

6. Be on the look out for evening dresses in chiffon, silk, or brocade fabrics.

7. You can get some fabulous deals on shoes, bags, and other accessories in vintage stores.

Shopping tips

Look for quality

Make sure you examine the garment before you buy; most stores have a very strict no return policy, so if you buy a damaged item, you’re stuck with it. Look for broken seams and stains; if you find any, the garment is not worth it. Small problems like missing buttons and broken zippers can be repaired, so don’t discount a great find over small details.

Shop around

Vintage stores replenish their inventory pretty regularly, so visit them often to check out their new stock. Try to be friendly with the staff. They may be willing to contact you when they get a bunch of new arrivals.

Try on

Always try clothes on, because sizes vary by designer and time period.

Written by Erica Salyi, fashion journalist for Think Fashion, a new online fashion magazine featuring top designers, celebrity news, hot fashion tips.
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